Looking for more options for a worldbuilder

I’m a 20M dropout who’s looking for any opportunities with passive income.

I’m currently working on a job which pays a little more than a dollar an hour as a HR agent at a construction company. I don’t do much there really, but I don’t like the work at all and I know I can earn a lot more doing what I enjoy.

I’ve been planning on showing my worldbuilding & multimedia storytelling project with a series of videos on YouTube and profit from merch and Patreon, however I know this will take some time to get traction.

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I was looking for another options from where to start to earn money while I work on my bigger projects. I’m planning on selling photos, digital art, starting a blog, publishing an ebook and selling courses about worldbuilding.

I know that passive income doesn’t exist as is, since you’ve gotta create content, and I’m willing to do so since I really want to share everything I create and share how to create it.

So far I started exploiting an ability I’ve got: Creating unique names for characters/locations. I’ve started to sell this as a gig on Fiverr.

I’ve been looking to work on translation services but I don’t think I have enough experience to start receiving jobs there. And I really prefer to receive income from whatever I create instead of having to create content for others, because this results in less time for my projects.

Are there any extra options I might have skipped? I really want to find where to start to leave the job I’m currently in.

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