Looking for hotspot hosts in NYC – earn $50/mo!

Looking for folks in NYC area who would be interested in hosting a Helium hotspot (see picture below) in their apartment and generate some passive income in the process. These hotspots are safe & secure, and provide low-cost connectivity for sensors and IoT devices in NYC (use <0.1% of your internet). In exchange for the service of hosting and helping expand the NYC network coverage, we are offering recurring payments of 50$/month! Help subsidize your rent or just have a little extra cash on hand each month – it’s up to you!

I currently host these in my own apartment in Brooklyn, but just received a new shipment and am looking to expand & distribute them for more effective coverage whilst sharing in the profits generated. This is a set & forget type of deal – all you have to do is keep this device active in your apartment, and we manage everything else.

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The only strict requirements we have for hosting are:

* WiFi connectivity (2.4 GHz)
* Ability to place the hotspot in a location with an unobstructed view and ideally some elevation (the example in the image below is a glowing example – but it doesn’t have to be that high up).

If you have an apartment that fits these criteria and think you might be interested or just want to learn more, feel free to message me for more details! If you have questions regarding Helium as a company/product, you can also find more information on their [website](https://helium.com/).



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