Looking for Aristocratic stocks ETF

Hey guys, I am looking for a ETF that contains only aristocratic* stocks in order to start generating cashflow.


Product structure must be physical (meaning the ETF is holding physical securities and not synthetic).

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Total Expense Ratio – Low as possible.

In addition, the fund must be passive, meaning the company/fund manager will have no say about what stocks are getting in or out. If a new stock becomes aristocratic, it will automatically be added to the ETF, if a stock fails to pay dividends (or pays a lower dividen) it’s out.

*A dividend aristocrat is a S&P 500 stock that has increased its dividend every year for at least 25 years. Increasing its dividend means the company increased the dollar value of dividends per share. The dividend aristocrats don’t necessarily need to increase their dividend yields over time.

If you have any tips or an opinion im doing something wrong (or could do better) please share, every comment is blessed. I’m open for a building criticism. Any help would be appreciated.

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