Looking for any job that pays above 2 dollars per hours

Hey everyone, I am 22 years old north African who just graduated with an engineering degree and I need to wait for a month or two to attend my actual job in order to finish some formalities, meanwhile, I d like to work in pretty much anything that will be paying me above 2$ ( due to conversation rate in my country 2$ per hours is somewhere near the average wages). I used to work do micro tasks on [hive.com](https://hive.com) for the last few weeks but the good paying tasks seems to arrive to an end and now I am trying to pass the test to hopefully start working for transcribme . I can speak Arabic (native language) french and English and I have some basic knowledge regarding photo editing/colour grading and logo designs ( Fiverr and other freelancer websites seems pretty competitive for a beginner in that matter.)

unfortunately teaching online or call centre jobs doesn’t seem to be an option since they require American or European citizenship, with all that said I am open to all options and suggestions.

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