Looking For Advice – Think I have already done the hardest Part

Hello All, and thank you for taking the time to read my post. Hopefully, some of you guy will have some insight. Over the past 3 years while working manual labor during the day, I have been building lead gen websites for local home service clients across the US. Last year I was fired because I guess I wasn’t putting forth enough effort and my boss saw that my heart really wasn’t in it anymore. So over the last year I put my head down and hit the lead Gen Stuff harder. On Avg, off about 15 clients, I pull anywhere from 4-8k a month. (8k in summer months when people are searching for more home services. I guess I could keep building my company but I want to diversify or have experience within another company in order to gain my skillset.

Here are my thoughts. Currently, this income isn’t being Taxed. In my head, I always want to diversify my income streams. So would like to expand my horizons. So here are the thoughts I am having:

– What are the best ways to get this passive income that is already coming in to build more money for me?

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– I have been trying to get another job (Very Bad at interviews) so I can keep this other income more on the DL. I have this feeling that getting another job that simply pays 50k, would solve my problems, give me a way to hide my money

– Are any of you guys in the same boat? What have been your steps? To turn illegitimate money into legit? Any advice helps.

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