Listen to Music and Earn Passive Income

Most of us love listening to songs. Now we can earn passive income just by doing one of the things we truly love. And that’s by downloading [**Current**](

This app pays its users to listen to songs. It’s like Spotify but instead of you paying for the service, you are the one who gets paid. The app pays via PayPal.

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If you use my [referral link to current](, you’re going to get bonus rewards to kickstart your earnings.

The minimum payout is $1. Here’s the [payment proof](

I cashed out 1 dollar instead of making it reach higher amounts in order to check if it is legit.

[**Current**]( is an awesome app that you can run in the background of your mobile device to earn passive income.


* *As of now, current pales in comparison to my* [best money making app of the month](*. ->* *With this app, I can cash out every single day. If you have downloaded the app, make sure to input this invite code to get a $1 bonus ->* ***13LPA13L***

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