Leverage my fiverr success with something passive?

Hi everyone. Thanks for the welcome message (I appreciate it was automated but I’ve never had one before and it was really good to have!)

I’ve had some success on fiverr in my first 60 days to the tune of about 2k and I want to reinvest a section of that money into something that I can automate, or have build revenue as passively as possible.

I had a look at affiliate marketing which seems to be a buzz word right now for people discussing passive income and that appears to be anything BUT passive! Post tonnes of blogs and videos all over the place and hope people click your links and buy a camera or whatever through amazon for 1%. Seems a lot of work for small reward. (Happy to be informed to the contrary!)

Clickbank Promo Tools

I also tried teespring and red bubble, pushing it through Instagram with a few posts a day using hashtags relevant to the niches I picked for each store front. Did this for 60 days. Return on time investment: £0.

As I say, I’m more than happy to spend money to make money, but I do want it to be passive, or very low-impact time-wise.

I also want to avoid stocks and shares because I am incapable of getting my head around it.

If anyone has any ideas please feel free to make suggestions for me to look into.

If you have an idea and expertise in it, I’m also open to my investment being in paying you to tutor me in it and provide me with learning resources. That isn’t out of scope.

Thanks in advance,

Edit to add: TL;DR: I made some money. Happy to spend some. Want ideas on relatively passive income that isn’t stocks and shares. TIA.

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