Late 20s with no real talent outside my job seeking for advice!

I was wondering what can I do as passive income except for mining Ethereum (1 3080 mining all day) and Helium (one bobcat) since in already doing this but on really low level!

I’m a full time IT in telecommunications industry, I love 3D printing (both PLA and SLA), knowing a bit about modeling and electronics. I don’t if it can help actually.. I’m not rich but I’m stable in my life, I can buy stock from my job (14% (7% me 7% company) in total) and 5% in RRSP (Canadian retirement savings).

What can I do for more money? I can learn stuff, dunno what, stock and crypto look hard to learn even if I drop like 100$ every 2 weeks in both of them in coin/stock I trust…

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