Just got started with my web development agency

This is another update to my earlier posts. I made a discord server and I have a handful of decent web developers ready to take on any projects. Right now I am paying for domains and hosting for a bunch of different websites and I am taking a pretty big loss. I just spent about 4 hundred dollars buying domains. And I’m gonna need to pay them 250 dollars just for the start of the company site. However I have some potential clients who want to use my services. It is a risk, but it seems like it’s paying off. I’m glad I could finally get this started. There really was nothing standing in my way from doing this earlier, I was just lazy, I’ll admit that. I want to open this up to anyone who wants to join. I’m not gonna advertise this like an internet salesman or sugarcoat it, this is something that I am trying my hardest to make work. I think I can make it work on my own, but if anyone wants to join me to help me, then I’m down to expand the team. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can check my earlier post. In short it is a web development agency. Also one more thing, does anyone know any other subreddits I can join, web development related stuff?

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