Is this a scam? Please help! Advice needed.

Hi, I am a 23f and very new to this sub and this is long so please help. TLDR at bottom. I do currently have a job but I am on the job market looking for remote work. My current job is a dead end where I can never get a promotion because it’s a work place of 8 people if you include me and my boss. It’s a dog trainer job.

As I’m looking for remote work, I am obviously applying to a lot of remote jobs. (I do have a decent resume and have a remote internship so I have the skill set.) I applied for a entry level virtual assistant job. Pay of 800 a week.

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Yes I know. Sounds too good to be true I agree completely. Here’s the thing I’ve almost been victim to these jobs before. When they offer to send you a check for materials and have you pay and buy expenses then you’re on the hook for cashing a fake check. I’ve almost fallen for it but a cut feeling has held me back each time.

This person’s name is Monica Woodbridge. Here’s where I’m not sure. They do photography. I have seen there website. for weddings. The same number they used to call me and email/text me is on that website. They have offered a check to get me started for working and what not. But they offered also direct deposit. She asked for my address and bank (I gave her a false bank and old address I can still access mail at.)

But like idk. Is this a red flag? She did interview me on the phone. She asked for personal and professional references? Is this a scam artist being really convincing?
She has offered to provide training for me for 18/hr for 6 hours (one half day of training). With a $300 sign on bonus.

I looked up the name and I see Monica Woodbridge and other people online. So idk. I don’t have LinkedIn so I don’t know how to verify that way. Any help and advice is needed. If you need more info I can get that.

She also just texted me to ask how my mother’s day is.

TLDR: I don’t know if I’m being scammed from a Virtual Assistant job? Please help. She’s offered training and pay with a check then direct deposit after.

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