Is there another Public Figure/ Influencer like Andrew Tate?

We all know Andrew Tate and Affiliate Programm which made him a lot of other loads of money. Andrew Tate is as we all know very controversial and many people share different POVs, which is the reason he poped off so quickly. ( And also bc a lot of people posted his clips)

But is there another Public figure that’s also controversial/ interesting and has an Affiliate Programm?

I am pretty sure bc people always reuse tactic’s that work. But finding them is the hard part. Especially before they pop off.

Clickbank Promo Tools

I would be happy if somebody can help me and please don’t mind if there’s mistakes my englisch ins’t the best 🙂

Edit: Would be nice if we just see that Business side of why he did. And not his very controversial statements. Everyone has his one opinion and can be shared on another post/ forum.

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