Is it possible to make some extra cash by freelance writing?

Hello everybody! As you have already got from the title, I’m interested in the freelance writer jobs. To be completely honest, I don’t have any writing experience except for essays I have to write at college. But I would like to find out more about the pros and cons of some experienced writers.


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I’m a student, and I’m interested in part-time jobs only to raise some extra cash. Now, it’s summer, and I’m about to start an unpaid internship, which should benefit my career. Still, I need some extra money for living, and I wanna have more rather than the pocket money I get from my parents. That’s why I consider a freelance writing job as one of the possible opportunities. As far as I know, those types of jobs allow me to have a flexible schedule and still make some money. Still, I’ve met many people who work as freelancers in various fields, and they don’t have any single minute available. They work non-stop to make some decent money for a living. If it’s like that or it’s like on the meme I’ve uploaded for you below, then this job is not suitable for me.




On the other hand, I’ve recently found out about one helpful app for freelancers. I’ve heard that it helps in writing different articles and helps to make them unique. As far as I’ve got it, this app helps specifically those who work as copywriters. But I haven’t tried it yet myself. It offers to [get free trial](, but I don’t wanna waste this trial. I wonder if anyone else uses different apps like this. Are they helpful? Besides, I’m curious if they help to save some valuable time? I don’t wanna work 24/7 on writing and re-writing articles and don’t get paid for working non-stop.


So, as you can see, my biggest problem is that I don’t have some spare time, and I need money. Besides, I’m looking for something with a flexible schedule that would allow me to continue my studies and do my internship. I’m looking forward to hearing your opinion if it’s worth trying this job.

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