Increase Your YouTube Watch Time Retention. Hire me for Video Scripts that make them watch the whole video.

Are you looking for a writer that can keep your audience engaged and their eyes stuck to your video from beginning to end? Because that is what I am promising you. **Scripts and video essays that will keep your viewers at the edge of their seats to watch every second with their best possible attention**.

I have expertise and experience in multiple genres and fields of interest. **My preferred subjects are history, movies, science, pop culture, gaming, and fiction. I can write ‘easy on the ear’, colloquial, and fluent language containing pop cultural references, witty humor, and subtle nuances like fluent segues that enhances the video pacing and keeps the audience hooked.**

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You can find some of my work down below for your analytical perusal and I am not that costly either. **My writing fee begins from only $0.12 per word**, and **I am proficient in post-production software like Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, so I can be extra handy if you need me to**.

I am available for both working short term and long term, so let me know what you need. I guarantee you that I will offer you some fascinating topics and enthralling scripts that will improve your YouTube channel’s performance.

Feeling that ad sense revenue box rattling? Then push that DM button Ma’am/Mister and let’s start the negotiation!

**My Portfolio:**

**Video Essay**: [How Alex Trebek Changed Game Shows Forever.](

**Screenplay**: [Dr. Disrespect: My Early Life.](

**Gaming Video**: [How Universal Studios Tried to Kill Mario?](

**Funny History**: [Why UK-USA fought a war over a Pig?](

**Political Video (Unbiased)**: [The Dirtiest Presidential Rivalries of America.](

**Fiction**: [How Charles Dickens reinvented Christmas?](

**Serious History**: [Zura – The Lady Schindler of Africa.](

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