Increase traffic to my website from Twitter.

I’m a web developer and I was hoping to use my skills to create some passion income.

My idea is as follows:

* I’ve created a bot that queries BING and downloads all the latest news articles on my selected subject.
* The website displays these new articles.
* I have another bot that tweets these news articles and the tweet contains a link back to my website. I only have the title and a brief description of the news article from BING. The user will then click a link on my website and be taken to the new articles website – for instance BBC website.
* I then want to use affiliate marketing to sell related products to users that land on my website before they leave and go to the other website. So far I have Amazon affiliates links on my website but eventually I would like RedBubble (my initial application was declined).

Clickbank Promo Tools

My problem is hardly anyone clicks from Twitter to my website. My subject is dominates Twitter but I get no interactions. Any idea what I’m doing wrong or how I could improve?

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