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Studies show that more than 50% of U.S. consumers check their personal email account more than 10 times a day. Whatever your niche or sector, email marketing is a promotional medium that will generate amazing results — if you do it right. Check out more The Journey content at

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0:08 How to create a holiday email marketing campaign
0:39 Email marketing campaign tips
0:41 Create a holiday-themed design
1:19 Share holiday gift guides, deals and teaser emails
1:39 Create a holiday gift guide with tips
1:57 Send last minute emails offering free shipping
2:05 Include inspirational or topical holiday-themed videos
2:16 Don’t do too much
2:49 Embrace email automation
3:24 Don’t forget holiday email mobile optimization
3:45 Your promotional emails must be fully mobile-optimized

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We’re going to show you how to create a holiday email marketing strategy for your business from start to finish — a definitive guide that you can use for seasonal success all year round.

Create a holiday-themed design
By creating a holiday-themed email banner image and creating call-to-action buttons (“Buy now,” “I want one,” “Start shopping”) that match it, you’ll build a sense of festivity. Plus, if you place your discount codes, deals or offers near the top of your holiday email, you’re more likely to encourage click-throughs and increase sales.

Share holiday gift guides, deals and teaser emails
Putting too much pressure on potential prospects to subscribe to your list or buy your products could hurt your brand reputation. Offer deals and incentives and implement redemption time limits, but whatever you do, be natural and conversational when speaking to your customers rather than forcing their hands toward the shopping carts. Essentially, you should create excitement and leave the hard sales pitch at the door.

Embrace email automation
Email automation is a process that makes it possible to send time- or action-triggered emails to your subscribers with relevant content. With automation, it’s possible to create and schedule emails to be sent to different segments of your subscriber base at times when they’re most likely to be engaged. Essentially, you can set everything up and monitor your success with minimal intervention.

Don’t forget email mobile optimization
Your promotional emails must be fully mobile-optimized, offering a seamless level of user experience (UX) while looking great on screen. Otherwise, your customers will put them in the virtual trash bin. With testing, time and development, you can ensure that all of your emails work perfectly on mobile devices.

Make sure you reward loyal subscribers with exclusive content and incentives, and always remember to offer a unique level of value with every single piece of content you send.
Whether it’s a greetings card, gift guide or an exclusive discount code, you should always strive to keep your holiday email recipients coming back for more.

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