I’m creating a completely free passive income course, and I need your opinion!


My name is Steve. I have been a blogger and content creator since 2011.

I am creating a free course on creating a **passive income through micro niches**, but I need to get into the mind of a newbie in 2020. Would any of you be willing to answer me a few questions? I would greatly appreciate it!

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* Would you consider yourself a passive income newbie, intermediate, or expert?
* What questions would you ask an expert in micro niche-related passive income?
* What problems have you had while trying to start your passive income ventures?
* Have there been any topics of website/blog creation that you don’t understand? (ex: SEO, wordpress, digital marketing, etc.)
* Have you followed any free/purchased guides about passive income/micro niche creation in the past? And if you did, what was the guide and what did you not like about it?
* How much time, on a daily basis, or you able to put aside for your passive income ventures?

Thank you guys so much!

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