If its too good to be true it probably is – selling something through bitcoin

I have listed a few good domain names through flippa and yesterday I got a note from a buyer who wanted to give me 2k for the domain name – I had listed it for $100 – and the reserve was $500 but I guess he wanted it now. Anyway he only wanted to buy it in bitcoin, which is fine however only on a particular exchange of which I didnt realize would be a nightmare. Anyway I made an account to get the bitcoin as he made an account on my register to transfer the domain name. I was still looking forward to getting this 2k back to my own wallet. Anyway I go to transfer the 2k out, it gave me an error, in order to transfer this 2k out you need to verify your account first in order to verify that account you need to make a deposit of 0.02btc which is alot of money. Anyway I transferred it. Ok great I am going to transfer my $2200 in USD in bitcoin back to my wallet, great another error. This time they want insurance for the transaction, please deposit 0.05btc from your wallet to us. At that point I messaged the buyer of the domain to tell them just transfer me when you can some money to cover my misfortune and I will transfer him most of his 2k back to him. This exchange either is his scam or another persons scam. Or perhaps this was his method to get something for less than he wanted all along.

I guess also because cryptocurrency exchanges are unregulated theres no ombudsman you can go to complain.

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