I Wrote a 20 page (will update much more) intro guide to MTurk/making money online

Hello all,

I spent my Sunday writing this for a few friends, figured I’d share it here! I know many of you are struggling, so I figured I’d write this for anyone that needs some extra cash, and can make money doing some online work!

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It’s basically a guide on how I’ve been using my quarantine time to make extra cash online, and has about 5 pages of great money making sites, and then the rest is a very informative guide to beginning MTurking, that I’ll be updating to include much more to include Panda, TurkDroid, and other advanced things. I feel like it’ll be a help to new people. Feel free to use my nonref links for the other sites, or if you’re feeling generous, the ref links.

Let me know what you think I should include! I’m more than willing to put another few hours into this to make it perfect for beginners.

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