I think I fell for a phishing scam?

Hi, recently I received a legitimate looking offer email for a job I applied for (Mass Markets (MCI). I started filling out the information, but reached a point in the paperwork where it no longer worked properly and emailed to ask what to do about the issue I ran into. I have yet to receive a reply, and calling the help number just gets me a message that they are busy helping other people. While it looked very legitimate, I’m starting to get the feeling it wasn’t legitimate.


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The email I was told to email for assistance ended with the [mci.world](https://mci.world) domain


My dumb butt gave them my SSN and my bank direct deposit info, but I’m starting to think it may have been a phishing scam due to them not replying to my questions. Is this a known phishing scam, and what should I do now?

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