I made 66,700 USD in Passive Income in 2019 from my website. AMA

**Adsense**: 58,000 USD

**Other networks**: 8,700 USD

Clickbank Promo Tools

Domain Sales: 10,000+ USD (not added to the total because payment for this sale is still pending)

[Previous Post](https://www.reddit.com/r/passive_income/comments/dr387q/made_5125_of_passive_income_in_october_2019/)

99% of this income is from only one site and 95% of it is profit. My major expenses were hosting and domain renewal costs and payment to the writers.

I made 4 posts in 2019, 1000 words each. Spent probably less than 10 hours in 2019 on the site.

I own a few other sites but they don’t make much money. I have explained what kind of sites I have in my previous post. I can’t share my link because it’s very easy to duplicate.

**Site Details**

600 referring domains, 2500+ backlinks. Ahrefs DR 45.

Registered in April, 2016.

Monthly UV: 300,000 ([Screenshot](https://imgur.com/vhz2sjo))

Most of the links were created when I first started the site. I don’t build links anymore. Probably bought 2 or 3 guest posts last year.

**Do you need to know how to code to create a website?**

Nope. You can create a normal blog with WordPress even if you know no HTML/CSS/PHP. I recommend learning HTML and CSS though. It’s really very easy to learn those.

**Basics of creating and ranking a website:**

1. Find a good low competition keyword
2. Find a good expired domain with some links or just start with a new one.
3. Having your keyword in the domain helps but make sure you domain name is not too long. If your keyword is short, go with EMD if available.
4. .COM/.NET/.ORG/.INFO if you’re targeting multiple countries or use a ccTLD if targeting a specific country.
5. Spend money on a good web hosting company. You can start with a shared hosting server. I recommend Siteground.
6. Create a WordPress blog, use a fast and simple theme.
7. Check your site speed. Try to keep it below 2 seconds.
8. Check your theme for validation errors. Also, check if your theme has hidden external links.
9. Start posting content. How much you should post depends on your niche; for example I posted only 4 articles last year and I am still doing okay. Your posts shouldn’t be too long. They should be optimized for Google as well as the human readers.
10. Stick to your niche.
11. Start creating backlinks after the first month. There are tons of guides on how to do it. Focus on quality, not quantity. Diversify your anchors, use branded and naked anchors more. Aim for natural looking contextual links (Guest posts, PBNs etc…). Nofollow links do help.
12. Have patience, it may take 3 to 6 months before you see some solid results.

Ask me anything other than my URL and niche 🙂

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