I live in a 3rd world country with income way over the median and I’m looking for ways to generate some extra


I live in Serbia where people earn between 15k – 30k yearly. Right now I’m around 120k yearly and obviously I’ve got a lot of leftover cash which I’d like to turn into some sort of income. Monthly expenses while living comfortably never go over 2k over here.

Just so we’re clear, buying real estate locally gets you less than 3% of it’s value yearly so I don’t feel like that’s a good option. Since I’m not a US citizen I don’t have access to stock market nor can I open accounts on any any of the trading platforms…

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So, what are my obvious (or not) options which I’m not seeing?


Edit: Woah! Thanks for all the cool advice and support guys! I’ll try to keep a list update here at the top so other people could see it without having to skim through all the comments.

So far people suggested:

* [trading212](https://www.trading212.com/) – seems pretty cool and I’ve already managed to go through the account creating process.
* [UpHold](https://uphold.com/en-us/) – ” They serve most counties in the world and it’s super easy to use ”
* [Interactive Brokers](https://www.interactivebrokers.com/en/home.php) – ” Serbia is listed as an available country. ”
* [Trade Republic](https://traderepublic.com/de-de) – German trading app

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