I just launched Flurly – enabling passive income online sellers to keep 99% of their sales.

Hi everyone,

My name is Bob and I’ve been working on a platform to allow anyone to affordably sell any digital product online. In particular, Flurly charges no monthly fee & only takes 1% of each transaction, which is 5x cheaper than competitors like Gumroad.

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You can check out flurly here: [https://flurly.com](https://flurly.com/)

I hope this can be useful to the r/passive_income community. I believe more money directly to creators is a net good for the world. Some may wonder how I plan to make money on this. It’s a fair question. My current plan boils down to two key factors:

1. Cost efficiency. By utilizing technology platforms like Stripe/Firebase/Vercel, I can amortize the cost. Or in other words my costs grow with revenue/usage. This way, I don’t need to buy physical hardware servers, or negotiate deals with banks or write my own database. Also since it’s just me, I don’t need to pay for employee health insurance, benefits, etc.
2. Volume. Hopefully by lowering the cost of doing commerce, more people will buy and sell, increasing the overall volume of commerce. Since the commission is on the overall volume, hopefully I can recoup some revenue/profits that way.

LMK if you run into any issues and I’ll look into it right away



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