I have the audience, but don’t know where to start. Looking for advice

As the title says, I have built up and audience of ~55k accounts across various socials. Its super engaged and I’ve built a cult-like following in our industry, all spawning off a real estate meme page I created last year. My audience consists of high income business professionals. I don’t really know the best way to monetize.

Currently I have:

Instagram pages: 50k followers (+1k per week)
Facebook page: 2,200 followers
Facebook group: 1k members

Clickbank Promo Tools

Its all in the real estate sphere with original content and growing at a steady pace. I run my own real estate business so my bandwith is stretched pretty tight.

Wondering what the best route of passive income would be to leverage this following? Really want to avoid drop shipping as I’ve done that in the past and I would not count it as ‘passive’. I’ve sold ads and promos but thats not passive either really and inconsistent.

Thanks in advance

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