I have more than a dozen passive income streams – AMA

I started off by writing some stuff on the weekends and giving it all away for free. And then I learned about monetization and I would monetize a few (1). I made some youtube videos and then youtube started giving me money (2).

I realized I wanted to make a really big youtube video, so instead I made some dvds and dvd sets. I would do a kickstarter and the final product would be a passive income stream (3, 4, 5, 6).

I took a bunch of my writings and made a book (doing the kickstarter thing again). It even has a chapter called “radically devious financial strategies” which includes stuff about passive income (7).

Clickbank Promo Tools

And a deck of playing cards that sell really well just before christmas (8).

I videoed two workshops and offered the 177 hours of video (9).

I struggled to have a good platform for selling this stuff, bouncing around, until I made my own. And now I have all of my stuff set up with a 50% affiliate affiliate fee, and other people keen on passive income will do things to bring in a few hundred bucks a month. And then I set it up so others could be in the digital market – and I try to harvest their affiliate fee some too (10).

Amazon affiliate stuff might all add up to about $300 per month (11).

I set up a self-serve advertising thing on my sites – but that only brings in about $100 per month (12).

I set up something a bit like “reddit premium” on my site – but that brings in only $30 per month (13).

I suppose there are more, but they aren’t coming to me just now. My guess is a few thousand bucks per month. And each has a wacky story. AMA

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