I have a passive income of around 1000€ a month and I need smart ways to re-invest it.

Hello everyone, first of all, great fan of the sub, lots of good ideas and motivated people! That’s very nice to see.

I realized that since 2016 I had a passive income but didn’t know it was one until I recently decided I wanted to make more money out of it.

For some context, I have a passive income including selling on craigslist-type-beat app but in the EU. My supplier is a close friend of mine that gets rid of his tech stuff, so my stock is very varied every time.

Let me also be clear, I don’t make 1000€ a month since 2016, I’ve only been recently getting that number. I don’t have a website / nor have the possibility to get one because nothing I do is “official”, it’s still selling 2nd hand products that work well and that I acquire myself.


Also, for very money-tight reasons, I couldn’t keep all this money on a saving account and keep it for me, I had personal reasons that involved using that money as well as my regular 9-5.

I wonder if you guys could give me advices on how / where to invest this money ? Investing in myself isn’t an option since I have everything I need right now, including food, a roof, a car, electricity, and am able to divert myself with TV/Games/Going out.
I do know that have a real / steady / working passive income comes with a price (which also includes time) and am willing to do many sacrifices, I just don’t know where exactly to start.

Where could I reinject those 1000€ to make it more ? What ways do I have today to make money while sleeping and grow it ? Are there any smart tips that I don’t have / get and you guys could give me ?

Thank you all. And again, I’m 100% aware money just doesn’t fall like that, you do have to work for it and I’m willing to put the necessary work, time isn’t an issue regarding to my situation right now.

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