I am a 20 something year old person

Hi, I am a 20 something year old person. I am from a third world country. I have always been interested in earning money online since 2012. I started a blog, to earn money from ads, turns out I am not much of a writer. Started an online delivery business in my country, also tried a website development and social media agency in my country, did Dropshipping for a few months, did some micro tasks from Pico workers, tried transcription. I even bought Tai Lopez courses on SMMA. But I still haven’t gotten something that works for me. I have been able though to sell on Facebook groups.

And coming from a third world country, changing my mindset is a daily routine and finding information that is helpful to me is not easy.

Can anyone that has had some success online offer me some advice.

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This is much appreciated.

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