How would I make 700 USD quick?

I am 16 and I want to get a new laptop, it is on a sale right now(hence: “fast”) so I can get it for 699$, my old Lappy’s display just went YEET one day for no reason, fixing costs 250, so why even bother.

Things I can do:

•Web designing(have done a project for a client; made like 150 bucks ? ) but the work is rare, this project was 6 months ago, no luck after that, tried searching online but most of them ask for a “rEsUme” I mean, come on, I don’t even have much to put on there, plus, I am looking for a quick way.

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•Game designing: doesn’t pay much(or at all, cuz you need something really hit and all I can make is basic stuff, plus this is long term, a good game takes well over a month to crunch out)

•Programming: meh, Python beginner, have made my own chat bot(not the sort I can sell to businesses and mint money, but it is pretty cool at least for me)

Things I have tried:

•Fiverr – posted 4 gigs, and GUESS what? That is right, not a single response, and I am telling ya, this is due to the country I am in

•Upwork – “submit your CV” and they want someone above 18

•Freelancer – Pay to send a quote for the job(like bruh I am tryna make some money here and you are asking ME to PAY you? Dammit freelancer)

•Messaging businesses on Instagram asking if they would like a website design, got responses like; “will let you know later”, “sorry we already have it in progress”, and so the list continues.

~Craigslist – yes… I searched for a job even on craigslist, and as you would’ve guessed by now, no luck

Okay enough about web designing, I tried transcription, turns out I really suck at that for some reason, got my application rejected.
On UserFeel(like UserTesting) – no info about my Application yet, no response, nothing.

Tried human resource jobs(like clickworker and Hive Work) they are basically slave labour, and earn quick? Meh, forget it

So what do you suggest I do ? Please don’t tell window cleaning or lawn moving, I mean I got no prpblem doing that but where I live people like to do stuff like this on their own.

All suggestions/help is/are appreciated.

If you could refer me to a person who needs a web designer it would be very cool too, and if I earn more than 700 I would gladly give some part of the extra to you as commission, like 5-10 % of extra or something, SERIOUSLY, 5 – 10% for just getting me a client.

Need to make 700$ to buy a laptop that is on sale right now, can do web designing well, 16 yo, tried a lot of stuff like fiverr, upwork, freelancer, even applied for transcribing and human resource jobs.
Would appreciate suggestions.
(If you get me a client and I make above 700$ I am willing to give you part of it as a Thank You(comission :b ) to you

Websites I have worked on:

1.) (e commerce site)

2.) (I had an Arab client and he did all the translation)

3.) (another project similar to this)

Alright, thanks for reading 😀

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