How to Start a Pet Blog and Make Money in 2022

Pet blogging is one of our favorite niches.


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Because pet owners love their furry, feathery, or scaly friends. They’d do pretty much anything to make them happy. And that includes spending a bunch of money on them.

Figures show that pet lovers in the US spend an average of $1,201 per year on dogs and $687 per year on cats.

dog & cat annual expenses

As that graphic demonstrates, there are myriad ways to spend money on pets, from basics like pet food, vaccinations, and insurance, to luxuries like grooming, training, and accessories.

That means there are lots of opportunities within the pet industry, which means there are plenty of reasons to start a pet blog.

Read on, and we’ll look at:

Why Start a Pet Blog?

Make Money From Your Love Of Pets


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