How to monetize a free WordPress blog site?

Hey everyone. Hope you are all doing well.

This is my first post in this sub. I’m just now starting to seriously get into passive income, although I’ve unsuccessfully tried Pod in the past. Might return to it in the future when I have improved my skills somewhat.

But the questions I have for now are these:

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Over the last few days, I’ve built a free WordPress site, but haven’t launched it yet, since it’s still pretty blank. So I’m still filling up some initial content before I launch my site in the next few days.

But I’ve no clue as to how to monetize the site itself (by ads I mean). So how do I monetize my site with ads and are there any other ways to monetize as well?

And if I do, how much can I expect to earn with the site if I’m regularly updating the content on there? (new content at least once a week).

The site is basically a mix of a pop culture blog (the main content will be the blog posts focusing on video games and movies) , along with other pages that serve as an online portfolio of my other work, such as my drawings and graphic design works that I’ve done in the past.

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