How to make money with my blog?

I just started my business blog about a month ago and want to try and turn it into a passive income stream. I could use a little help:

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I started doing some research on questions asked about business or side hustles, and plan to continue writing about these topics. I recently signed up for affiliate networks like Share a Sale and Rakuten so I can link out from the articles I write. Am I on the right track with this blog to try and monetize it? I’ve only been live for about a month and pulled the following reports for July and August for traffic to the blog.


**My other question:**

I have a section on this website where I offer marketing packages for businesses, but I am not sure if that’s a good idea to have this offering on here or just focus on the blog articles.

Does anyone have any advice for both the blog and also if I should leave the marketing packages on here? Ultimately, I’d still like to work with small businesses on marketing or web design but create income from the blog as well.

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