~ How to make money online as a content writer ~

Edit – Lol at all the people being angry at the price description thinking the world means only USA.

This is a universal guide made to make people money as quick as possible. For most countries in the world, including mine, $500-1000 is a pretty decent living wage untill you find some other work and this guide can help you make it.

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This is market, not a government scheme where someone has to pay you a minimum wage. The pay is decided on only two factors – how much money you are willing to take and how much money your client is willing to pay. If you are a content writer and are able to charge $5000 for a single article then mazel tov. You have beat capitalism.

But this is what i have been able to get and this is my opinion on how to do it.

The best thing if you feel offended by it will be to write a better guide and help someone make more money than the peanuts I’m teaching them.

If you don’t do it. If you just comment ‘oh what a terrible advice’ and move on to the next post to criticize something else. Then you are nothing but a troll.


As you know the times are tough and a lot of people are desperately looking to make some money. I am not a guru or anything but i have been working as a content writer for a few years. It’s a field where i think at least some of the people can make some money to support themselves. So i am providing a very basic guide on how to get started as a content writer.

There is no upper limit here but you can make atleast 5000-10000 a month if you are willing to act on the information. Please do note that you need the basic business sense to succeed here and if you don’t have that, it’s probably better to stay away from the profession.

1. Read a bit about blogging and related topics from google, especially read atleast 10 articles about On Page SEO. Knowing your field will help you make smart decisions.
2. Write 4-10 sample articles. Use [wordcounter.net](https://wordcounter.net) to count and write articles that are atleast 700-1000 words.
3. Join some blogging groups, there are many.
4. Try to add people who seem to be making some money and send them a good message saying you are a writer looking for work. An alternate way is to find blogs through google and emailing your samples to them.
5. People usually charge somewhere between $1-5 per article of 500-1000 word pieces. But if you need work immediately, try to quote a lower price like. Making some money is better than no money.
6. Don’t expect a lot of good replies. Out of 50 people you message probably only 10 will reply. But messaging 50 people will take you like a day and if you get one job out of it, it’s still worth it.
7. Avoid clients who want to pay you monthly.. Ask them to pay you daily for the first few days and then move to a longer schedule. Any one who says no is probably a scam and not worth taking the risk.
8. Once you have some clients and more work than you can handle, you can gradually increase your rates and start making more money.

All this won’t take you very long and if you do it right you can start making money within 7-10 days. In my experience, no other way on the internet will make you money faster.

Though this will only make you short term money and the projects will be irregular. If you wanna make a career out of it, you’ll need to find more stable jobs.

The way to do it is to choose a specific topic (football, politics, Hollywood or anything which interests you) and then finding news sites in the niche. Use google news for it and then email all the sites writing news on that subject. 10 out of 1000 will reply and only one will offer you a job but that’s more than enough if it gets you a permanent position anywhere.


I’ll answer any questions in the comments. Though not the ones you can just google.

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