How To Make Money Online: 5 Simple Steps That I Take To Make $ 100 Paydays

Would you like to know how to make money online fast and simple?

I use this easy 5 step system to make money online every day. all it takes is

a little bit of commitment and you should start seeing results in no time.

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And it’s easy to set up even if you’re a complete newbie.

I’m going to tell you how this simple 5 step system works below so that you can check it out for yourself and decide if it works for you.

I’m here to tell you that this simple little system that takes no time to set up is making me regularly $ 20-100 every day. All it takes is a little understanding of websites and you are good to go. And if you’re struggling with basic instructions, it’s easy to ask someone to help you get started.

Here is my simple and easy to set up money making system that I use to make money every day.

Step 1: set up an awesome welcome page

A welcome page is simply a one-page website with a teaser ad copy and an opt-in box where a visitor interested in your offer can leave their name and email address to receive what You offer.

It’s easy to set up and done in less than an hour.

Step 2: Offer a free giveaway

Now you are offering a free giveaway.

Once you’ve identified the niche you want to take advantage of, just find or get hold of a free product like an eBook on the subject or a subscription to a newsletter in the niche.

You can get an eBook or other such product from myriad sources online in any niche you want to research. Just make sure the product comes with PLR or master giveaway rights so you can distribute it freely.

Step 3: Record your visitors’ email addresses

When a visitor lands on your welcome page (sometimes referred to as a landing page or a login page) they read your offer and if they’re interested in that giveaway, they must put their name and email address in that login box.

You will then be immediately taken to a download page where you can receive your freebies.

And let me say this too … If this giveaway ebook has a link to one of your embedded affiliate programs and they click on it to view your main offer, you will earn affiliate commission instantly on purchase!

The more visitors sign up to receive their giveaway, the more that giveaway will be downloaded to their hard drive. When they click on your link, be it the next day, the next week or the next month, all purchases made will generate the affiliate commission we all strive for.

The goal here is to get this giveaway on as many hard drives as possible so it can sit there and seduce your “subscriber” in the future.

Step 4: Give them value and information through a series of emails

Put your autoresponder on the target niche with around 12 to 15 high quality emails and feed them every two days at the rate of one email. Make sure that the content is good and that it is informative for your readers.

No partner products are offered in the first three or four emails as you build trust with your target audience.

After the fourth email, you can include an affiliate link in your pre-scheduled emails for an affiliate product that you might be promoting. When a subscriber clicks this link and purchases your product, you will receive an additional affiliate commission.

That’s all you need to build your remaining income if the product you are promoting is a membership-type service, which requires a monthly fee to join.

Step 5: direct traffic to your login page

This step is easy, yet complicated if you are thinking too much at this point.

All you have to do is drive traffic to your site.

Sounds easy right?

It may be.

Just do whatever you can to get traffic to your website.

If you have a blog, post updates regularly.

And remember, it’s just a numbers game. The more traffic you drive to your website, the more visitors will choose your offer and the more sales you will generate when they click your link. And associated with it are larger commissions for partners and a higher source of income. And like I said, if you are promoting a membership-type service that requires a fee to join, you will begin generating residual income from your efforts as well as an increase in affiliate commission verification.

The bigger you build your list, the more sales you make. The more sales you generate, the higher your residual income and the higher your total take-away compensation.

This is how I consistently generate $ 20 to $ 100 on paydays.

The system is simple and easy to set up.

And it works every time.

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