How to find a good job after graduating from university?

I’ve just graduated from the university with a degree in graphic design, but I can’t find a good job. In fact, I tried different ways of earning money online, but I want to have a stable income. Freelance websites can be an excellent tool for professionals. Still, it’s hard for inexperienced people like me to get some good projects or worksheets. It’s sad because I’m ready to learn new things and achieve my goals. I made a portfolio, but it seems that people don’t really care about analyzing it. No one wants to risk with a newbie, and I can’t blame them.


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So, I tried to earn money in different ways, even using controversial tips from my friends. I started to invest in cryptocurrencies but eventually lost all my savings and didn’t win anything. It’s miserable because I know plenty of people have a massive profit from crypto now. Anyway, I even tried to play poker online and bet on sports. I read many articles on [](, and some of them really helped me understand soccer betting tricks. But it’s a very risky and unstable occupation, so I stopped betting after a couple of weeks.


My recent occupation was to write articles for my friend’s blog about web design. He paid me some good cash, and I even liked writing texts for him. But it seems he lost passion for this project and wants to close it in May. I have to find something before that, but I don’t know where. In fact, I sent my CV to several companies, but they didn’t even answer my message. I even contacted my mentors from the university, but they seem too ignorant to help me. Damn, it’s sad…am I so talentless?


Have you been in such a situation at the beginning of your career? What tips, advice, or recommendation do you have for me?

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