How to Diversify a $1 Million-Plus Portfolio

For people whose portfolios are worth $1 million or more, the diversification of those investments is a key aspect of maintaining and growing wealth.
Once you reach a certain asset level, it can be hard to manage your investments without worrying that you’ll blow your hard-earned cash. Using a variety of diversification methods to protect your portfolio against the market is one of the best ways to preserve retirement savings.
Manage Your Portfolio Like Any Other
“A diversified million-dollar portfolio should be diversified just like a $100,000 portfolio,” said CFP Daniel Zajac. “The value of the account shouldn’t matter.”The way that you correctly manage your portfolio, whether it has $1,000,000 or only $10,000, is by evaluating your investments thoughtfully, calculating what kind of diversification you need, and not reacting quickly to short-term problems.Of course, the more you have invested, the bigger of a hit you can take if something happens to the market. Meeting with a financial advisor who specializes in million-dollar portfolios can help identify your weak areas and find investments to balance your assets properly. This will also help you in the future as your portfolio continues to expand.

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