How I make $42.90 of Bitcoin per month using Shakepay (you can too) (CANADA)

I know right now the job market is tough so I’m always looking for ways to make side income. If you are on this subreddit I’m assuming you too are in search of additional income so I wanted to share how I make some side income with Shakepay.

Shakepay is a fiat to bitcoin exchange. I initially used this exchange to buy bitcoin. If you look at /r/bitcoinca you’ll see a lot of people using it as their primary way to buy bitcoin.

They came out with a new marketing campaign where Shakepay will actually give you free bitcoin every single day. I guess they worked it out in their marketing campaign or customer acquisition costs.

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Its use case is a bitcoin exchange but with this campaign, “Shaking Sat’s”, Shakepay can be also used as a vehicle to make passive income in addition to a bitcoin exchange.

With the bitcoin you can sell it at market price and then etransfer it out to whatever bank you have once you reach $5.

If you need proof that Shakepay is legit, check /r/bitcoinca and see a lot of people are using Shakepay.

The catch? You [must sign up using a referral link]( (<- that’s mine) or have someone sign up using yours.

Once you do, you unlock the *Shaking Sats*

Every single day, open the app, give your phone a few shakes, and **BAM** – Free bitcoin.

It doesn’t get easier than that.

They start off by giving you 1000 sats ($0.22) and each day you keep your streak, it rises by by 150 sats until you reach the daily maximum of 6500 sats ($1.43).

Yes, you can literally earn $1.43 / day for taking 10 seconds to shake your phone. I don’t know about you but that’s enough to pay my phone bill lol.

You can easily convert the BTC to cash and etransfer it to yourself on a whim with the app.

Here’s a breakdown of how much you’ll earn over time (give or take a few sats)

Day 1: 1000 sats ($0.22)

Day 2: 1150 sats

Day 4: 1300 sats

Day 5: 1450 sats

Day 7: 1600 sats

Day 7: 1750 sats

Day 8: 1900 sats

Day 9: 2050 sats

Day 10: 2200 sats

Day 30: 5200 sats

Day 31: 5350 sats

Day 32: 5500 sats

Day 33: 5650 sats

Day 34: 5800 sats

Day 35: 5950 sats

Day 36:6100 sats

Day 37: 6250 sats

Day 38: 6400 sats

Day 39: 6550 sats ($1.43)

It takes about 40 days to reach the maximum of ~6500 sats per day ($1.43) but in the meantime you’ve made about $30 and going forward will make $42.90 / month.

**To activate Shaking Sats you MUST sign up using a** [**referral link (click to use mine)**]( **or by getting someone signing up using your link**

In addition they you can make 30 addition dollars instantly with the another holiday promotion where if you purchase $100 of Bitcoin they will credit you with $30 CAD for free. You can then e-transfer the full $130 back to your bank if you’d like. This promo is hard not to take advantage right now

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