How I made friends and masterminds with other internet marketers (crosspost from r/internetmarketing)

Hey guys, I wanted to share tips on how I made friends and created masterminds with internet marketers like myself. But I expect it will work for any business.

For a long time I left lonely building a business by myself. And getting to know others like me is among the smartest decisions I’ve made.

For two reasons:

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**1.** It’s such a relief to chat day to day life with guys doing the same thing. It makes the whole thing more fun. And I cherish the jokes, stories and support.

**2.** I’ve learned a lot from these guys. More than books, YT videos and courses combined. Simply from bouncing ideas off each other. If you read Think and Grow Rich you know it makes a big deal about getting a mastermind going. I now see why.

I urge you to do the same.

Anyway, here’s how I went about it:

**#1: Be active in growing your business.** People like to talk business and life with others on the same level or above. So the more you do the more people who want to know you.

There’s also another benefit. Taking action makes you feel good about yourself and people feel this. It’s a great vibe and people like it

**#2:** **Go where people like you hang out**. For me it was internet forums and subreddits. But there’s facebook, discord, telegram etc. The logic is simple. To mak friends and share ideas you gotta be where others are.

Generally speaking smaller communities are better than big ones. This is because there’s fewer posts, which means your posts (and others) won’t be missed. You’ll all know each other by username, which gives a familiar feel – which is a natural bridge to easy friendships.

**#3:** **Share advice, experience and things you’ve learned.** Most people aren’t of much value. They happy to ask for help but give nothing back. Don’t be that guy.

Share stuff and regularly. Start new posts. And be an active part of the community.

People will notice you. They’ll appreciate your effort, and because people gravitate to people actively pursuing interests they care for, they will want to talk to you.

**#4:** **Be positive, supportive and joke around**. Some people are negative by nature. Stick em behind a keyboard and they evolve into real cunts. This includes guys who share advice. Some of them give off such a “I’m better than you vibe” and it’s lame.

Be supportive. Be positive. And by all means have fun and share your personality. The latter is important. Remember, you want to meet others who like you as you are. And by showing them what you are is how you do that.

**#5:** **Invite people to Whatsapp**. After a while two things will happen:

A) People will reach out because to say thanks for something you shared. If you think they’re cool, invite them to WhatsApp.

B) You will find there’s certain members you would naturally like to chat with. Simply message them and ask if they want to chat on Whatsapp.

Don’t overcomplicate these messages. Just tell em’ straight up with no pressure.

Here’s a simple message you could use:

*”Hey man, I read a few of your posts and love them. I’m in a similar boat and been doing [insert something bout you].*

*I’m friends with a few guys from here and we chat over Whatsapp. If you like to join us, swap tips and stories then shoot me a message on [insert phone number]”*

Keep in mind you need to be the one contacting others. People LOVE meeting others like them but few are proactive about it.

Of course not everyone will take you up on the offer, but there’s plenty who will and appreciate you like mad for asking.

Hope that helps.

If you liked this and wish to meet and share tips with other internet marketers check out the [r/internetmarketing]( subreddit.

It’s a wonderful little community where we discuss how to sell ebooks and online courses.

I’m a moderator there and would to see you join us.

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