How do I use my programming skills to develop passive income streams?

Backstory: I am a second year Computer Science college student. (I don’t know whether it’s relevant but…) I live in a third world country. I live with my mom, along with three other siblings.

I struggled a bit with programming in the past, partly because I was completely new to the field and had no one to receive direction from. I have however put the lockdown period to good use and built myself a good foundation.

I am familiar with Python, SQL and I’m currently learning the ins and outs of web development, i.e both front end and backend development. I plan to get started on JavaScript soon.

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My plan is to move out and get my own place by the end of 2021. This is because I find living in a shared space can sometimes get in the way of mental health. I’d also like to be independent, stop relying on my mom and get ‘a taste of real life’ as early as possible.

I’m currently being mentored by someone (in his early thirties) with a tech startup and therefore have access to the programmers on his team. I’ve only been learning from them for a few months now but I’ve learnt so much already. I dream of building my own startup too.

My mentor says that when I get good enough he’ll start giving me projects to work on and I’ll get paid. This is the money I’m planning to use to cover my expenses.

I know that this money might not be enough and I might find it hard to work on projects and study when learning resumes. The plan is to set up my own passive income revenue streams and become financially free. This would free up my time and efforts and allow me to focus on getting my degree and most importantly building on my startup. I am more than willing to do whatever it takes.

However, I have no clue as to how it works and I don’t know where to start. How do I leverage my programming skills, both the ones that I have, and the ones I could learn to build passive income streams? Building APIs? Selling access to a SaaS I’ve built? Selling access to front end web templates? Where would I host them? What are some of the useful languages, skills, technologies I could learn to give me an edge? What are some of the resources and materials I should read? Any other general advice, including, but not limited to my question?

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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