How can I get started actually creating designs in Photoshop/Photopea for use in Print on Demand?

I’ve recently become interested in Print on Demand and I’m trying to get started in it. I honestly feel like text-based designs will be the best thing for now. However, I do want to learn how people actually make their designs and graphics in programs like Photoshop so that I can try to learn to do the same. I have literally 0 design experience or skills, so are there beginner tutorials or PDFs or anything like that which a complete beginner can use to learn and gain some experience? Today I watched a YouTube video about using a stock photo and combining it into a background texture to making a neat design, which I thought was very interesting. I’m just worried that I have 0 drawing skills (like, my drawings of people are stick figures), so if that’s required, I guess that may count me out. Anyway, I would appreciate any advice about this. Thank you very much.

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