How can I earn online with the skills I have apart from the places I’ve tried already?

A bit about me: I’m Indian, have a Masters Degree in Transportation Design but didn’t get a job since 2018 apart from a part time design teaching gig, have done a UI/Ux certification to transition into that field, I can make Ui designs, I make traditional as well as digital art using Photoshop, illustrator and Adobe XD too. I sketch quite a lot, generate lot of patterns using a mix of apps and software, I write poetry as well and I’m able to write quite a bit on certain topics that garner my interest.

I have tried Redbubble, Society6(which barely gave me 3 commissions till now), Fiverr, Etsy(which has actually resulted in -ve balance) and a couple of those survey sites that haven’t done anything for me. For those who want to check my work, my handles on insta are adsid10 for art, acidpatterns for pattern designs and darkness_poetry for poems.I’m really looking for some good, honest advice about how and where I might be able to earn a good amount.

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