How can I achieve my passive income goal?

Hello Dear passive_income,

please excuse me If this ist the wrong subreddit for this kind of post or If it is against the guideslines.

First of all, this is my personal situation:

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I am a 23year old university student who just finished his bachelors degree and now works towards getting His masters degree. I work full time as a tech support agent in a work from home environment between semesters and part time during semesters.
I still live at home but I think it is time to get an own little place for myself.

What I would like to achieve with this post:

My goal is to find a way of making 50€-100€/month with as little time comittement and risk as possible.

I do NOT intend to build up to making a passive income to stop working in Tech Support and also not to quit university.

I would just love to have 50-100€/month that I can save in Case my car Breaks down, I get sick or I want to have a vacation with my girlfriend.

I guess that it is not as easy as investing X amount of money in a certain Site and Just Cash out 100€/month risk free but I am really interested in hearing your suggestions what might bei a good option for me.

The approach I would like to take:

As I do not need the money (that I would earn) I would really like to Invest 100€ (in the beginning, just to test the waters) and see If I can make 10-15€/month with this amount of money per month (that I can cash out). If I can do this for atleast 3 months I will then think about investing a little more until I eventually Hit 50-100€ per month.

I tried researching what options I have but I feel like everyone just wants to show you how you can do this kind of stuff to “never have to work again” or “make 5000€ online fast” and I do not like that kind of attitude and I think taking a slow and safe approach with an amount of money I feel comfortable with ist the better approach for me.

Thank you for reading!

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