How 3,812 Digital Marketers Are Using AI in 2023

We surveyed 3,812 digital marketers to find out exactly how they’re leveraging AI. We asked them 27 thought-provoking questions to paint a detailed picture of this rapidly evolving landscape.

Key Takeaways From The Survey

Here’s a summary of the most interesting findings and key statistics:

75.7% of marketers are now using AI tools for work. This shows just how fast AI has been adopted in the industry.

AI is being used regularly too, with 49.5% of marketers using AI tools multiple times per week or more.

69% of marketers are using ChatGPT, largely due to OpenAI making it widely available for free to everyone.

AI content quality is already seen as really good. 65.8% of people think AI content is equal to or better than human…

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