[Hiring] Vinyl Record Collectors Wanted for Occasional Freelancing Gigs

I’m looking for “remote shoppers” who can take occasional tasks around buying records on behalf of other people: digging through crates, inspecting, purchasing them (at physical shops, fairs, flea markets, etc.), packing them up and mailing them out. I need someone who has sufficient experience with handling and inspecting second-hand LPs, and is familiar with Goldmine Grading Standard.

**Who’s the employer?** I’m running a startup that helps people — primarily record shop owners — to stock up on second-hand records remotely, including from abroad. We arrange that by using locals as remote personal shoppers. [See here](https://imgur.com/a/xpo50ha) for a visual explanation. The platform acts as a middleman between shoppers and buyers and makes sure neither side gets screwed. The company is incorporated in UK and USA.

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**Schedule.** Flexible hours. You’ll get a profile on the platform, where you’ll set up your availability calendar in whatever way you want. Furthermore, you will decide yourself whether to accept each particular task that comes your way.

**Pay.** You will get paid by the hour, plus a flat fee per task to cover commute and such. Your salary will be paid out to your bank account. Ultimately, salary is flexible just as the hours are, but for reference, if you’re in the US, expect 20 — 25 USD per hour. If you’re outside of the US, adjust that number according to your best judgement. It may go up in the future, too.

**Expenses.** You’ll get a corporate card, either a plastic one, or a virtual one that you will add to your Apple Pay or Google Pay Wallet.

**Requirements.** Be familiar with “vinyl-speak” and know what to look for when trying to tell a VG+ from a VG. Soft skills are a big plus: punctuality, sociability and patience (it’s a service job after all).

**Geography.** Currently, we can onboard contractors in [57 countries](https://stripe.com/docs/connect/cross-border-payouts#supported-countries)*. Major cities get prioritized. For the US, see [this list](https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/ranking-u-s-metro-areas-for-record-shopping.407101/) of cities: the higher your city ranks, the better. For other countries, the priority is for cities that are worth coming to from abroad for a vinyl hunting trip. In short, if prior to 2020 your city had many vinyl dealers coming from abroad specifically to stock up on records, that’s good.

***** — Unfortunately, we can’t support Canada, Australia and a few other countries where mobile data is similarly expensive. These tasks will require a ton of mobile data.

**Onboarding process.** If your application is strong in terms of experience and location, I’ll reach out to set up a video call interview, explain everything there is to know about the job and help you set up an account on the website. You’ll pass an ID verification, like on any other money-related app, (we outsource this to our payments processing provider [Stripe](https://support.stripe.com/questions/common-questions-about-stripe-identity)). Then I’ll try to find clients for you.

**How many gigs will there be?** Not many at first, but gradually more and more. The more workers sign up, the more buyers will want to use the platform. In turn, the more buyers use it, the more workers will want to sign up.

**How to apply?** Fill out this form and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can interview you and onboard you to the platform (there may be a waitlist): [https://airtable.com/shr6MqAmUP9AWDdRJ](https://airtable.com/shr6MqAmUP9AWDdRJ?prefill_Ref=r%2FWorkOnline%202021-10-22)

**Any questions?** Don’t hesitate to PM me for more details or clarifications.

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