[Hiring] Remote shopping assistants who know Goldmine Grading Standard for vinyl records

**Freelancers wanted for occasional gig work.** I need people who know their way around vinyl records, and who could serve as *proxy shoppers* — performing shopping tasks in your local area on behalf of remote buyers. In short, you’ll get paid for crate digging at your local record stores, fairs, flea markets, rummage sales and the like. Send them their purchases by mail. Payments come via bank transfers or PayPal.

**Requirements.** Be able to speak English and grade used records with some accuracy (G/VG/NM and everything in between). You must have an eye for scratches, warps, label marks and other signs of wear. Simple stuff.

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**Location.** Anywhere, as long as there are some record stores or vinyl conventions in your area. Applying doesn’t imply immediate commitment, and some candidates will be put on a waitlist, depending on where they are, who else applies, and other factors. I’ll let you know shortly after I get your submission.

**Who’s the employer?** I’m building a global platform for remote record buying. It acts as a middleman between shoppers and buyers from all around the globe — it’s similar to how Airbnb connects homeowners to travelers. In other words, your shopping tasks will come from different people, but they’ll all go through my platform. DM me if you have any questions.

**Schedule.** You’ll set your hours and decide whether to accept each particular task that comes your way. Each gig will take up to several hours. The work is by its nature irregular: you will set up your booking preferences and get offers sent to you occasionally. The number of offers per month will depend on where you are geographically. The offers will come with a long notice, so you could make plans in advance.

**Pay.** Hourly rate will depend on where you are. Expect between 1x and 2x of the minimum wage in your area, sometimes more (up to 4x in rare cases). So, expect $15—25 per hour for cities like NYC, LA, London. $10—20 for most OECD countries. Plus you get a flat fee to cover commuting and handling of goods. It’s all negotiable.

**Is this offer still active?** Yes.

**How to apply?** Fill out this form: [https://airtable.com/shr6MqAmUP9AWDdRJ](https://airtable.com/shr6MqAmUP9AWDdRJ)

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