[Hiring] Part-time Online ESL Tutors

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ALO7 English is hiring for new classes starting in May! Whether you are a stay-at-home parent, digital nomad, retired teacher, or college student, tutoring online for ALO7 fits well with most lifestyles. Make between $15-22/hr USD!

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• Flexible schedule, but must work at least 6 hrs/week during 6-9 pm BJT

• Decent part-time income

• A stable schedule (most class sessions are booked for 8-week sessions)

• Multiple bonuses available monthly to increase hourly rate

Here are some answers to common questions asked about the position:

1. Is a degree required? Yes. ALO7 requires tutors to have a 4-year degree or equivalent (major does not matter) or to be a current college student.

2. Is a TESOL, CELTA, or TEFL certificate required? Yes

3. ALO7 hires native English speakers from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia

4. Can tutors teach from any location around the world? Yes

5. What are the minimum bandwidth requirements? 4Mbps/8Mbps (up/down) on the Shanghai server, and the Ping ≤100

6. What kind of computer setup do tutors need? 6th generation Intel i3 or newer
or i3 with 3GHz core or above / Intel i5 with 1.8GHz core or
above / Intel i7
At least 4GB RAM
Monitor Resolution
1024 X 768 or higher

7. What are the peak hours? 6-9 pm BJT (Beijing time)

8. What are the minimum hours per week/month? 6 hrs per week minimum

9. What is the pay rate and are there any bonuses? The base rate is $15/hr with the potential to earn multiple bonuses each month: 5% bonus if you have perfect attendance, 10% with perfect attendance and you teach over 50 classes per month, 13.3% bonus if you teach over 500 classes per year. There are also additional bonuses for quality teaching based on your internal QR score and a separate continuity bonus for teaching all of the lessons in a single course. These bonuses range from 3.5-7%.

10. Are the students adults or kids? Kids mostly between the ages of 3-16 years old.

11. Payment is through Veem or Paypal depending on your location.

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