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So a company that I’ve been working for recently is hiring for their busy season. US only, I don’t know about state restrictions. It is call work- you handle pledge calls for PBS, NPR, ASPCA, St. Jude’s, etc (no sales) but they don’t require a landline, just a headset with a mic (I found a gaming headset for $15 on Amazon that works) and a desktop or laptop.


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Pay is between $12-$15/hour with bonuses up to $21/hr per minute of talk time. You sign up in half hour increments and there are hours from early morning to late evening. Day hours are generally available the day of, but you have to be where you can work in a quiet environment, not with kids yelling or dogs barking. I stay connected with supervisors in case of an issue and I did put in about 7 hours of training before I started.

Good side hustle if you want it, easy to fit in around other jobs.

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