(Hiring) Data scraping online database and dropping into an excel spreadsheet.

Hi guys – I’m trying to replicate an online database in excel. The database can be found here:


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I’m trying to get all the output into an excel format for each condo corporation. A helpful trick is that for each region, they all share part of a common name. So for example, if I want to get a list of all the condo corps in the region of Toronto, they all start with “METROPOLITAN TORONTO CONDOMINIUM CORPORATION” and then the condo corp #.

Ultimately I need the output in excel to show the same output as this database for each condo corp. So for example for METROPOLITAN TORONTO CONDOMINIUM CORPORATION NO. 1000, it would show the output for Date of the Registration, Board of Director Members, Address etc.

Curious if anyone can build a tool to scrape this info and how much it would cost? Thanks!

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