[HIRING] Community Manager/Game Creation Team Leader — Up to $350 a month

TL;DR – No experience needed, positive values required, someone for whom the experience & $350 is a good part-time or full-time income.

****::::::::::::: Preface: :::::::::::::****

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I run a group of gamers who make awesome creations on a game similar to Minecraft (Ylands).

Together we have been consistently competing in and winning massive $30,000 competitions held by Tencent in the game.

Running this community has been the most fun thing I ever did. Ylands-players are the most chill, friendly, kind and warm gamers you will ever meet.

Together we program and build games for fun, enter them into big competitions and so far we have done well. Here is an example: [https://youtu.be/9JnTScoKKyk](https://youtu.be/9JnTScoKKyk)

That build became the lobby for the whole of Ylands.

Sadly, I’ve been seriously unwell and am no longer able to continue. With 9 games ready to publish we need someone to take over.

****::::::::::::: Requirements :::::::::::::****

You need:

1) Basic technical know-how

2) The willingness/time to put in hard work

3) Willingness to learn Ylands editor and how it works

— It requires no programming (it uses visual scripting you can learn easily)

— It’s actually really fun

— It’s a great intro to making games in Unity etc.

4) Basic social ability

— Speak in front of 30 people on a mic

****::::::::::::: Who is this for? :::::::::::::****

**1) Values:**

We are looking for someone who shares our values of positive, friendly & mature gaming.

We are: 

    ✅ Casual
    ✅ Friendly — Everyone here is like family :smiley: 
    ✅ Passionate — We do it for the fun of it
    ❌ Not aggressive, demanding & deadline oriented 
    ✅ Value honestly, generosity
    ❌Not driven by $ but by passion 
    ✅ A team that cares about it’s members 

That said, we know that you will do it for the pay but just don’t be greedy or push people too hard.

**2) Money & experience:**

This is like a tiny little business that is really fun and the people are amazing. We need somebody who would benefit from the money we’re offering and the experience of getting into game production & community management.

Although I’m more than happy to give you 100% of this business’s profits as we rise, $350 is the max guaranteed minimum I can promise you now but if I had strength I could take it to $600 tomorrow.

There’s literally tons of opportunity here and I’ve left so much undone due to health issues. You can take this to the next level and beyond.

We have about 50% of Ylands creators on our team and this puts us in a great position for the future. We want to be in a dominant position as this Ylands grows like Hypixel or Mineplex in Minecraft.

**3) Long term:**

**If you don’t plan to stay for a year, dont apply.** You will kill our business as I have no strength to replace you and our contract will put huge negatives on leaving early.


****::::::::::::: How to apply: :::::::::::::****

Visit: [https://form.jotform.com/202256531178958](https://form.jotform.com/202256531178958)


****::::::::::::: Giveaway :::::::::::::****

I have a bunch of random Unity game dev assets from the recent humble bundle. If this position is NOT for you, I would love to thank you for reading anyway by giving you one :D. Just ask for the one you want in the comments. See options [here](https://www.humblebundle.com/software/unity-games-and-game-dev-assets-software?hmb_source=navbar&hmb_medium=product_tile&hmb_campaign=tile_index_2).

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