Hideout TV (Paid for watching videos)

(Disclaimer Contains referral link.)
Hideout TV is a website where you’ll need to sign-up for an account. You’ll then have to begin watching user posted content. During this process you’ll occasionally run into advertisements. Don’t skip any ad’s since they’re the reason why you are earning so if you skip them you wont earn from them. You can redeem points for gift cards on their website or you can link partnered providers which might be crypto platforms or such and redeem your Hideout TV Points for that which will convert your points to the partners currency. Everyday you’ll also receive a promo code that’ll give you 10 points. Personally I’ve made 52$ a month before from this platform and have paid out. If you don’t wanna watch these videos you can emulate this website in a VM or Bluestacks and leave it running all day which makes it truly passive. Here is my Referral which will help me out but it is not required to use. ([https://hideout.co/viewerSignup.php?refer=2679860](https://hideout.co/viewerSignup.php?refer=2679860)) That’s all.

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