Here’s one of my tips for some of you guys that would like to start a little bit of passive income with no upfront costs

In this tips, I will explain in four very simple steps how to have a source of “passive income” without spending a single penny. Obviously, it will take a few months to see considerable passive income, but with patience and willpower, there will be a source of income. Note that this can always change, since the key to this source of income is cryptocurrency which changes every second, but this is the one that I suggest to you for a good future. This cryptocurrency is Tezos. Tezos is a cryptocurrency that uses smart contracts that secure its blockchain. The advantage with this cryptocurrency is that it improves automatically on its own, so there is no need for all members of the blockchain to reach an agreement. This tips does not guarantee in any way that you will have income. However, it gives everyone a chance to make passive income, since there is no upfront cost.

First, it’s time to change your web browser, you’re probably using Chrome, or even Firefox. I suggest the one I use. It will reward you for advertisements that are on the web. This browser is Brave. Brave is built under chrominium which is the basis of the Google chrome browser. In addition to rewarding you for Brave advertising, it blocks all cookies, blocks all advertising and also protects your privacy. Your first assets in terms of cryptocurrency will probably be because of Brave, since Brave rewards you with its own currency, the “B.A.T” for “Basic Attention Token” which is an Utility Token. You can claim them every month in a digital wallet. Brave uses the Uphold platform which is safe and fast. Install it immediately to start getting your first “bat” with this [link]( (this is an affiliate links). It works just as well on computers or cell phones, feel free to use this link for all your devices.

Second, sign up for Swagbucks which is a platform where you will do surveys and get rewarded. There are not only surveys to be done on Swagbucks, there is also the discovery tab where you will find games where you can be rewarded for completing certain levels. These can be very lucrative. There are a ton of choices to claim your rewards. However, I suggest that you claim them with PayPal, so you can use these rewards to invest them in Tezos and start your passive income. Just like Swagbucks, there is also LEO survey which offers less survey, but they are much more personalized on your profile, you will register via this [link]( (this is an affiliate links). These two sites will be your sources of income to buy Tezos. I personally make about $ 100 a month with these two survey platforms, you can receive all your rewards in PayPal. The more survey you do the more passive gain you will receive, so get started now. If you are impatient and have some money on hand, here is an option for you, you can buy the equivalent of 100 USD on Coinbase, which will then give you the equivalent of 10 USD in Bitcoin on the [Coinbase]( (this is an affiliate links) platform. So a total of 110 USD, this investment will give you around 0.01 Tezos per three days. Note that Tezos income is a bit like investing in a bank that has compound interest, which means that you make interest on your interest. This will become exponential when your sum is large.

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Third, start by opening an account with Uphold to be able to claim your “bat” and store it in a digital wallet. Once the Uphold account is opened and completed with your information, create an account on Coinbase by following this [link]( (this is an affiliate links). Once in Coinbase, you will be able to register for these different short courses to learn about different cryptocurrencies and Utility Token like the [Orchid]( (this is an affiliate links), [EOS]( (this is an affiliate links) or Stellar Lumens. Follow all my links to register for each of the training sessions, you will receive approximately $ 50 after listening to the videos and answering the questions. There may be a certain time between your registration for the different trainings and the possibility of doing the quizzes (I had to wait about a month to have the possibility of doing the quizzes, however for a sum of $ 50 this is worth it).

Fourth, you are going to have to open a Tezos wallet. You can do it with Coinbase, but I personally use Galleon which is much safer. In this guide, I take into account that you will transfer your funds to a wallet that is not with Coinbase. **Be careful to keep all your informations on a piece of paper so you never lose it.** This information will allow you to access it. Once this is completed, transfer your funds from Coinbase to your new wallet. The transfer will be made with the public address that you have. This is a simple step but be sure to specify the correct address since there will be **no way** to get your funds if you make a mistake. Then, you will be able to delegate your Tezos to a “Baker” (someone who can sign and publish a new block in the chain). These “Bakers” are people who borrows the address of your Tezos to be able to “Bake” as well as getting rewards. The awards that have been created from your Tezos are then counted and the “Baker” takes a percentage of this award, you can find all the “Bakers” via this [link]( Once you have delegated your wallet to a “Baker”, all you need to do is deposit Tezos in your wallet and the “Baker” rewards will be deposited directly in your wallet after 12 cycles. You only will have to do surveys and earn your passive income.

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