Hello! I may be able to help you all!

Hi there!

I help find candidates for recruiters or companies, in order to help individuals find jobs or better employment. Full disclosure – Sometimes I may incur a nominal fee if someone is placed. The majority of the time I do not. I am extremely passionate about helping people find either their dream job, a job if they are unemployed, or transitioning into a new one if underemployed.

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If i can help any of you in any way, please let me know. I also have a discord server dedicated to job seekers. I firmly believe that we all need to be helping each other during these scary times. However, **participation is key.** Our staff **cannot help you find the right job fit/company if you are not actively engaged** in your own search! I have seen hundreds join, and never responding or saying a word. Could you respond as to why? Is the discord too confusing? Is the process confusing?

How can we get you engaged? **If you are joining, please take accountability. Participate.** Introduce yourself. We have dedicated channels according to fields, to regions. Post in them. Share your resume with the CEO.

Some jobs may be available for only a matter of days – EVEN HOURS! They are posted as they come, but your best bet and bargain is to let us KNOW what you need. That is what we are there for. To help YOU. But please – help yourself as well.

I will be updating the link a few times a day, as it only allows for 100 clicks total.


Thank you.



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